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ZenStream Anti-Gravity Humidifier with Light

ZenStream Anti-Gravity Humidifier with Light

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Introducing our Portable Mini Humidifier – a compact marvel that effortlessly combines functionality with mesmerizing aesthetics. This innovative device not only humidifies your space but also creates a captivating water stream that defies gravity, accompanied by a soothing night light feature.  The water stream looks like it's flowing up!  We call it our ZenStream!

As a night light, this mini humidifier adds a touch of ambiance to your space. The lighting allows you to set the mood, providing a calming glow that complements your surroundings. Perfect for bedrooms or creating a relaxing atmosphere before bedtime, it enhances both visual appeal and functionality.

The humidifier typically lasts around 4 hours (holds about 16 fluid oz. or about two cups).  It has a sleep mode you enable by pressing the button twice.  A USB cord is provided but a  USB port/power block is needed for operation.


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