Our Story

Hello there!

I'm Brigette. Welcome to the Hygge Nook! I'm an Intuitive Healer and Happiness Coach who loves spending my down time creating cute and cozy inspirational art! 

What is Hygge anyway? Hygge is a concept that the people in Denmark live by! Very basically you could translate it to "cozy", but it's really much more than that. The Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet and this concept of Hygge is part of the reason. What hygge is all about is being in the moment and feeling content and happy. Creating an atmosphere of warmth, joy, and coziness and being present.

I hope you will enjoy these prints, shirts, and cozy mugs I've designed and start adding some Hygge to YOUR life!

If you'd like to learn more about Hygge, Mindfulness, or just how to live a more joyful life, check out my blog using the link above! Or just go to www.simplyhyggelife.com.

And remember....If you can't FIND the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine!